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Our services

The Berlin Coordination Office against FGM_C offers interdisciplinary services for various target groups. In addition to providing holistic support for women affected by FGM_C, we train professionals and raise awareness within communities, so that we can put a permanent end to the practice.

Gynecological counselling and care

Due to the complexity of the consequences of circumcision and the sensitivity of the topic, we offer specialized, sensitive gynecological counselling and care to our clients.

Family Planning Center BALANCE

  • gynecological consultation
  • upon request, we offer information on the possibilities of a surgical reconstruction
  • gynecological assessment during the asylum seeking process

Psychological counselling and psychosocial support

As diverse as the experiences and injuries are, so diverse are the needs of support. The psychological consequences of FGM_C can vary depending on the individual experience and personal processing. Psychological counselling or psychosocial group counselling can be very helpful for those affected. The counselling services can be used both as an alternative to surgical reconstruction or as an accompaniment to it:

Family Planning Center BALANCE:

  • individual and couple psychological counselling

Desert Flower Center:

  • sexual therapeutic counselling
  • psychosocial self-help group

Community work

The number of girls and women threatened and affected by FGM_C can only be reduced in collaboration with communities. Through peer-to-peer activities, we strengthen education and raise awareness in the communities. This task is carried out by community multipliers (CHANGE Agents) who have been trained for this purpose. They are trusted by people of their respective communities, have the best access to the girls and women who may be threatened as well as to the wider social environment and can thus contribute to overcoming the harmful practice:


  • community activities in the form of prevention and education by CHANGE Agents

Counselling and sensitization of professionals

Professionals who work with affected and threatened girls and women should be adequately sensitized and trained on the topic. This allows them to deal with the issue confidently, to provide support to those affected, and to effectively prevent new circumcisions.
There need for further training is enourmous, especially among medical and pedagogical staff and employees of the youth welfare office (Jugendamt). Trainings are conducted by community multipliers of TERRE DES FEMMES. In this way, they can close a gap and build bridges between the communities, the professionals and the affected and possibly threatened girls and women living in Berlin.


  • Fortbildungen und Fachkräfteberatung

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The project is funded by the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality.