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Lead organization

Family Planning Center BALANCE

The Family Planning Center BALANCE is committed to self-determined sexuality, partnership and family planning. We combine psychological counseling, sex education and gynecological care under one roof. This makes us unique in Berlin.

Based on low-threshold access and a diversity-oriented mindset, a team of interdisciplinary experts supports each client with their individual concerns. Clients include, but are not limited to, young women and girls in complicated life situations, women and men with disabilities, people without health insurance and migrants. BALANCE is a pioneer in providing inclusive gynecological care for women with disabilities.
FGM_C is an integral part of the wide range of services offered by the Family Planning Center BALANCE. A team of specialists from various professions is at our clients’ disposal, such as doctors, psychologists, and sex educators. Additionally, BALANCE coordinates the round table "Stopp FGM_C in Berlin-Brandenburg" since 2009.

Cooperation partners

Desert Flower Center (DFC), Hospital Waldfriede

The project "Desert Flower Center" Waldfriede was created due to clinical necessity, as numerous women in Germany also suffer from the health and psychological consequences of FGM_C. The world's first Desert Flower Center (DFC) was opened in 2013 at the Hospital Waldfriede under the patronage of Waris Dirie.
The Desert Flower Centre offers holistic medical care to women suffering from consequences of genital circumcision. Services include not only surgical procedures and reconstructive operations, but also psychological and physiotherapeutic help. So far, more than 500 women have taken advantage of the medical help on site. The center has also offered psychosocial self-help groups since 2015, which meet once a month.

TERRE DES FEMMES – Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V. (TDF)

TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) is a human rights organization that has been fighting violence against girls and women since 1981. For almost 40 years, TDF has been campaigning against FGM_C, raising political awareness, carrying out educational work and further training, and has established community work.
Since 2013, TDF has been training members from African and Asian communities to become multipliers, so-called "CHANGE Agents", who conduct educational work on FGM_C. Their goal is to preventively and sustainably protect girls and women from FGM_C through education and training. In addition, the organization has developed recommendations and materials for broad target groups and professionals to give them confidence in dealing with the issue, since it takes the cooperation of various actors to actively combat FGM_C.

Ergänzende Information

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Cooperation partner


The project is funded by the Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality.